Bad news, everyone! ); I injured my wrist!

Bad news, everyone! );

I injured my wrist by trying to open a locked door really fast thinking it was unlocked. I had to run back into the house for something, so I wasn’t thinking. SO as you can imagine, my wrist went one way and the doorknob didn’t.

It’s been a whole week since the time of the injury. I’ve iced it, wrapped it, and gave it as much support and rest as possible…and it still hurts. It even hurts to type this.

I’ve sadly had to put commissions on hold but I am still accepting them.

This is the worst Christmas present I could’ve asked for!!!

At least, my trip to Chicago to see my family for the holiday is going really well.

I opened my own stores!

store-previewSo lately I’ve browsing around the web, finding the best way for you and your friends to be able to print my art and designs on limitless amounts of products!

I have opened a couple shops to service you a variety of producing showcasing my work. These are called Print-On-Demand shops.

You will be able to order a product of your choosing printed especially for you! The company will make it and ship it to you and I will get a small cut!


If you would like Art Prints and clothing of my work, please visit my Prints & Clothing Shoppe,
and for a larger variety of products, please visit my Gift Shoppe!

Or head on over to my Store page on my website!

I don’t have very many designs out yet, as I am seeing exactly what I can print and the best places to print are,
but look forward to new designs soon!

I have also been look into several Print-On-Demand shops in which I am allowed to sell designs that contain many different brands and IP! So fan-art is (somewhat) a go!

It’s always been my dream to open a li’l shop selling my artwork and designs. This is one step closer to my goal.

With continued support through my Patreon, I can buy the equipment to start making some of the products myself and ultimately raise my overall profits!

Pokemon Gijinka Collab – #88 Grimer

My submission for rinzu​‘s #PokemonGijinkaCollab was #88 Grimer!
Many thanks to Miss Rinnychu for letting join in the fun late!

This art piece was difficult to make since only a few days after signing up for this collaboration piece, my drawing tablet broke! Nuuu!

Yes…yes this was painted with a mouse. 
It was a grueling but very rewarding experience.

Hopefully, I can repair my tablet soon. ^u^;;